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What do you think is it good to eat bananas every day?

This article will give you the best benefits of eating bananas every day. Banana is a very famous fruit all over the world. This is a good habit to take at least one banana per day, just like an apple We can say – “A banana a day keeps the doctor away”.

Is it good to eat bananas every day
Is it good to eat bananas every day?

1. It is an Energy booster:

When we wake up every day in the morning that time, our metabolism goes down, we don’t have enough energy to start our day with a passion, right?

So to increase metabolism best way to eat a banana because it is easy to eat in the morning and it’s having great energetic factors.

It will boost your energy and you will feel energized instantly.

As per a recent report at Appalachian State University, distributed in PLoS ONE. Bananas are a preferable wellspring of energy over costly game drinks and are available cheaper in rate.

2. Improve Digestion:

Do you know that fiber improves your digestion system? Yes or No.

Fiber plays a very big role in your digestion, it increases your stool and prevents you from constipation.

We all know that fiber has a good capacity to absorb water in our body helps to improve digestion and makes your digestive path smooth.

Women should take fiber in grams at least 50% of their weight and men should take 75% of their weight.

Fiber works as a guard for our body and it boosts good bacteria to improve the immune system, so the point is banana is a very good source of fiber.

3. Helps to Weight Loss:

We have seen how fiber is useful for our body and see that banana is a good source of fiber.

Although eating bananas directly cannot help to weight loss, it controls the blood sugar and fiber replace process sugar.

Banana is wealthy in fiber and low in fat.

All in all, bananas are an extraordinary weight reduction food since they taste sweet and are filling, which helps control extra cravings for food and it will reduce the total intake of your whole day calorie.

Do you know that one medium banana can give almost 10% of your day-by-day fiber necessity?

Important: Over 50 investigation said that, taking daily 15g of fiber reduce 10% of total calorie intake and reduce 2kg in 2-3 months.

4. Help in Excercise:

Do you exercise daily?

Exercise is an important factor in our daily life because it keeps you fit and healthy.

But we need to take care of the factors about pre and post-workout because in the end diet matters the most for your healthy body.

So, 10 min before your workout banana works better for you. Because the banana is very easy to digest and it is having potassium that will prevent you from muscle cramping while exercising.

 In terms of muscle, banana is nothing but the carbs that will help to grow your perfect muscle.

And we all know that carbs convert into glucose that is slow releasing energy that will help you to perform more exercises without feeling low during workouts.

5. Reduce Menstrual pain:

According to medical, menstrual pain is one of the highest pain. Every woman from our family has to face this problem.

In this pain we always suggest taking pills, or some positions to sleep but taking extra chemicals inside the body may cause side effects. Right?

So, naturally bananas may reduce your menstrual pain because bananas are having plenty of vitamin B6, which helps to reduce the pain.

Also, we take external chemicals that also contain vitamin B6. So, naturally, you can get this from bananas. Try it!

Imp: Every woman from our family faces this dangerous pain that would-be mother, sister, or friend. So, you can help them by sharing this meaningful information directly or indirectly, they would be happy.

6. Bananas improve your Vision:

In this digital era, most people have different types of problems at an early age.

And the interesting thing is that everyone talks about the carrot but very few people talk about bananas can improve your vision.

According to the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, researcher says that banana contains carotenoids.

That helps to convert your fruits and vegetables (i.e. red and orange color) to vitamin A.

Nutrient A contains intensifies that protect the layers around your eyes and are a component in the proteins that carry light to your corneas.

It helps to improve your vision at night.

Also, it says that more carotenoids may prevent you from diabetes and cancer.

7. Helps in Pregnancy:

Do we know that baby needs various types of vitamins to develop their whole system?

Banana is a high source of carbs and fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. Also banana contains vitamin A, B6, C, B-complex, etc.

If we talk about the minerals it’s containing potassium, manganese, and calcium as well, all these nutrients are important to develop a baby.

Banana helps to maintain the blood pressure of the mother because of potassium content.

According to a study by the Royal Society, banana has potassium, which helps in pregnancy to develop a baby if there is a lack of sleep for women during pregnancy.

Do you know iron is a very essential factor to develop a baby? 

So, bananas have vitamin C and vitamin C has an ascorbic acid property that helps absorb iron and provide it to the defective cells.

8. Relief from itching:

Sometimes we may face a problem of itching, but the itching may cause rashes in our skin and it may crack our skin at the micro-level.

If you are having an itching problem then don’t worry banana will help you, how? We will see that.

Banana peels will help you through that because banana peels contain salicylic acid.

What you need to do is rub the banana peel gently on the affected area, you will see the results after some days.

Also, It helps to mosquito itching and helps to reduce the swelling from the mosquito bite.

Try it!

9. Hangover Remedy:

Do you know that alcohol stops the production of hormones and it leads to dehydration due to the loss of electrolytes from the body like potassium?

And we read that banana is a great source of potassium, and it won’t let you dehydrate your body during a hangover.

We also know that banana contains vitamin B6 and manganese, that relaxes blood vessel and it will help to reduce headache.

Banana is also a good source of carbs and it converts into sucrose and that is nothing but energy, so it will help you to energize after a hangover because a hangover makes you feel seek.

Also banana contains antacid that will help to reduce acid in your stomach and prevent you from stomach problems.

Nutrition facts of Banana:

Till now we have discussed the vitamins and minerals present in bananas, so let’s take a look at all the nutrition facts of bananas:

RDI means (Recommended Dietary Intake) which means out of our daily requirement that many % we get it from banana, around 97-98% we require daily intake.

Over 100gm:

Banana nutrition facts
Banana nutrition facts


  • Banana we can called it as easiest and healthiest fruit in the world.
  • But banana is very usefull to improve your immune system, digestion, vision.
  • It helps to target weight loss, menstrual pain, pregnancy.
  • Also helps in exercise, redduce itching andd hangover.
  1. How many bananas do you eat daily?
  2. What are other benefits do you know?

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