What are the benefits of eating oranges?

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If we consider better health then orange is known to have several health benefits.

Orange is a very popular fruit all around the world.

In this article, we have tried to help you by explaining everything you need to know about orange so that you can plan accordingly.

1. How orange is good for heart health

To improve heart health fiber and potassium play an important factor.

Orange is a great source of fiber and potassium which can support heart health.

Fiber helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

If you are consuming enough potassium or having one orange in a day it reduces the risk of stroke.

Also, potassium helps to reduce other types of cardiovascular diseases.

a. Improve blood pressure quality

We as a whole realize that vitamin B6 helps to increase the production of hemoglobin, so it is likewise helpful to keep your blood pressure at the level.

Maintaining blood pressure through vitamin B6 requires the presence of magnesium.

But if we are concerned about blood pressure especially then potassium helps you better to reduce the blood pressure and stroke. So the orange is a better source of potassium as well.

If you are having one cup of orange juice then instantly you will get 14% potassium through that cup of juice.

Potassium aid to reduce the risk of your high blood pressure like sodium increases blood pressure, so lower the intake of sodium to improve it and precisely orange contain NO Sodium in it.

b. Reduce cholesterol level

You know that citrus food contains a compound called Polymethoxylated Flavones and that really helps to reduce the level of your cholesterol.

In terms to reduce cholesterol levels fiber is also an important factor.

Isolated fiber from the citrus fruit assists to decrease the level odd cholesterol.

c. It controls your sugar (diabetes)

The good thing about oranges is that it’s having natural sugar in a different form called fructose.

Generally, fruits contain a “glycemic index” of 50 but an average orange contains 12 gm of natural sugar with a “glycemic index” of 40, which is good.

It doesn’t mean that you have to eat too many oranges, even if it’s having less sugar but too many oranges may lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Benefits of oranges
Benefits of oranges

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2. Improve immune system

Orange is a very high source of vitamin C, and to have a great immune system we require vitamin c and it works.

Vitamin C also helps to produce white blood cells and protect our body cells against ROS which means especially for infections is required.

Likewise, Vitamin C has an anti-histamine effect which aid to prevent cold-type disease.

For a stronger immune system, vitamin D also plays an important part. Vitamin C and D help to protect our cells and prevent cold and recurrent ear infections.

3. Prevention of cancer

We can make a propensity that cancer cells should not attack inside our body or we have to be prepared.

Orange has another compound called vitamin D-limonene this compound helps to prevent skin cancer, lung cancer, and sometimes even breast cancer cell.

Also, we have seen that vitamin c support improving our immune system, and these immune assists fight cancer cells.

Due to mutation, there are most cases of cancer that happen and vitamin c palliate in that case mutation.

And likewise orange has a fiber, due to its fibrous nature also helps to prevent you from getting attacked by cancer cells.

4. Prevent skin from getting damaged

Oranges are incredible at vitamin c, it supports making your skin tone at the level and they assist in the production of collagen.

The potassium from orange helps to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized, and also it keeps you PH of the skin at a level.

Also, it contains citric acid, and the best thing about citric acid due to acidic property it aid to unclog the blocked pores.

Apart from that, it supports preventing dulling of your skin and it removes debris from your skin tone due to citric acid.

Orange also has vitamin A, so it is also an important factor for the skin. If you have wrinkles so it may help you to reduce them and remove fine lines. Also, it increases the blood flow of your skin and keeps it as healthy.

5. Orange is beneficial for eye health

Eye weakness is a common problem now in this digital era.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are really useful for eye health but especially orange has lots of vitamin c helps to develop cataracts.

Orange peel juice has the benefit to take away heat from the retina and keep it cool and clear.

Also orange helps to keep our eyes hydrated which makes our vision proper and calm.

Fresh orange creates healthy blood vessels in your eye so anyway it keeps your eye healthy and protects you from muscular degeneration.

Orange is a very rich source of carotenoid and vitamin A it leads to keeping the mucus membrane healthy and also assist to absorb the light of the eye and make your eye health.

Types of oranges:

There are different types of oranges according to their taste and properties some oranges could be sweet but some could be sour:

  • Mandarin
  • Valencia
  • Navel
  • Seville
  • Jaffa
  • Blood oranges

Whole orange vs juice

Naturally, both are the same but little difference is there in that orange juice is having less fiber content in it and fiber supports to prevent you from constipation.

And also juice has more calories in terms of fruit sugar there, the calculation says that around 240 ml of orange juice has sugar as same as 2 whole oranges.

Drinking only juice may contribute to weight gain and health problems but if you are looking for weight loss then you should go with the whole orange.

The whole orange has more nutrients than the pure juice of an orange.

If we compare whole orange and juice then the whole orange would be a better choice.


  • It produces more juice when it is warmer, and normally makes juice when it is at room temperature.

  • Vitamin C gets exposed when it comes in contact with the air. So eat an orange rapidly once it is cut up.

Nutrition facts of an orange:

Consider one large orange (100gm):

RDI means (Recommended Dietary Intake) which means out of our daily requirements that many % we get it from orange, and around 97-98% we require daily intake.


  • Orange is really good for heart health in terms of blood pressure, and diabetes and reduces cholesterol as well.
  • It is a very high source of vitamin c.
  • So it is also beneficial for the eye and immune system.
  • Rather than having orange juice we should eat a whole orange, that will be more beneficial.

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